The Trajectory Mastermind brings together an intimate group of talented and successful entrepreneurs to help each other grow and scale their businesses, become thought leaders in their field, raise their fees, and leverage more passive income. 

It’s a powerful way to connect with like-minded peers - both in-person and virtually - over the course of a year, and receive personalized guidance and feedback from me (this is the only 1-1 coaching that I still I do).

All participants are experienced, mid-to-high six-figure professionals looking to grow their successful businesses even further. (Participants are primarily solopreneurs, or run boutique executive coaching or consulting practices.) The Mastermind is a 12-month program that runs over the course of a calendar year, and the cost is $25,000 USD. 

Learn more about the Trajectory Mastermind here, and contact me with questions or to discuss if the program might be a fit.

Dorie Clark Trajectory Mastermind

A Trajectory Mastermind retreat in NYC.