How to Be a Long-Term Thinker in a Short-Term World

#3 Wall Street Journal bestseller

It's no secret that we're pushed to the limit. Today's professionals feel rushed, overwhelmed, and perennially behind. How can we break out of this endless cycle and create the kind of interesting, meaningful lives we all seek? The Long Game will show you how.

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Monetize Your Expertise, Create Multiple Income Streams, and Thrive

What does it take to create the career you want? It’s no secret that the world of work has changed, and we’re shifting toward an ever more entrepreneurial, self-reliant, work-from-wherever-you-are economy. That can be a liberating force, and many professionals dream of becoming independent, whether by starting their own businesses, becoming consultants or freelancers, or developing a sideline.

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A step-by-step guide to reinventing you

Whether you want to advance faster at your present company, change jobs, or make the jump to a new field entirely, the goal is clear: to build a career that thrives on your unique passions and talents. But to achieve this in today’s competitive job market, it’s almost certain that at some point you’ll need to reinvent yourself professionally. Consider this book your road map for the next phase of your career journey.

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How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea & Build a Following Around It

Too many people believe that if they keep their heads down and work hard, they’ll be lauded as experts on the merits of their work. But that’s simply not true anymore. To make a name for yourself, you have to capitalize on your unique perspective and knowledge and inspire others to listen and take action. But becoming a recognized expert is a mysterious and opaque process. Where do the ideas come from, and how do they get noticed?

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Harness Your Individuality and Stand Out at Work

(UK Edition of Stand Out)

The working world has changed. In an era where the cost of living is rising and competition increasing, it's no longer good enough to have a university degree, a cushy corporate job and a strong work ethic. The once-guaranteed routes to success are leaving employees poorer and undervalued. More and more, people are finding that they have to take alternative paths to their careers - whether that's by starting a side hustle, or by finding a breakthrough idea at work, or even by quitting the rat race entirely and pursuing their own passion projects.

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A Simple and Authentic Way to Meet People on Your Own Terms

Few professional activities are as nerve-wracking as networking. There’s the paralyzing prospect of entering a room full of strangers. The awkward introductions and stilted small talk. The concern that “networking” means you have to exploit others for personal gain – or might appear that way.

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