Absolute Zero

Book and Lyrics by Dorie Clark, Music by Marie Incontrera

Absolute Zero is the lowest temperature known to humanity. It’s just a theoretical construct that’s never actually been reached – until now. By terrorists. But when the CIA’s top agent – sexy lesbian lothario Sam Knight - is called in to investigate, she never expected that in order to save humanity, she’d have to excavate her own past.

Absolute Zero 29 Hour

Actor's Equity Reading at York Theatre Company, New York City, March 2023

Performance at New York Theatre Barn's New Works Series, October 2023

Opening Night for Ohio Wesleyan Production of Absolute Zero - April 2024. Photo Credit: Jennifer Scheehle

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23 and You and You and Me

Book and Lyrics by Dorie Clark, Music by Marie Incontrera

What if everything you thought about yourself, your family, and your history…turned out not to be true? 23 and You and You and Me is a semi-autobiographical, comedic musical based on lyricist and librettist Dorie Clark's true story of discovering via a genetic testing website that her father was not, in fact, her father. 

Two decades after the sequencing of the human genome, we’re entering a new era of transparency, in which long-held secrets are being upended every day. 23 and You and You and Me is a deeply felt, funny, and profoundly human look at what it means to “know” who we are, and what happens when that knowledge is called into question. Because while DNA informs us, only we get to decide who and what we’ll be in the world.

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The Philosopher of Love

Book and Lyrics by Dorie Clark, Music by Shoshana Børve

Martin is a philosophy professor – but that doesn’t mean he has all the answers. In fact, on the heels of a bad breakup with his fiancée, he feels like he has none.

So his best friend Diana throws him a dinner party to cheer him up and rekindle, through friends and good conversation, his faith in finding love. But her plan goes awry when Martin’s long-ago ex – now the founder of a successful online dating app – shows up unexpectedly.

In this immersive, modern retelling of Plato’s Symposium – which features a discussion of the nature of love, set during an Athenian dinner party - Martin and Diana, amidst their own gathering, are forced to question their assumptions about human connection and how to find (and keep) love in an isolating age.  

Rehearsals for The Philosopher of Love workshop, Sept. 2023, Malmo, Sweden

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