Andrew Kasarskis, Ph.D.

Vice Chairman, Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences and Co-Director, Institute for Genomics and Multiscale Biology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Launching a new research institute, in the context of an established academic department with a strong history of research and clinical work, was a branding challenge that outstripped our internal capability and available time. Dorie helped us lay out a branding strategy for our new Institute for Genomics and Multiscale Biology that supported our existing institution and department. We are executing it now, and all stakeholders think it is great! Another key value was Dorie’s media training for junior people in the organization. We now have a stable of confident junior technical experts that respond to media enquiries, so the world can see the depth of our team and the executives have more time for other things.

Steve Golden

Boston Program Leader, National Park Service, Rivers & Trails Program

Change does not come quickly or easily to government agencies. The National Park Service has a proud tradition and a confident approach. Two years ago, Dorie Clark led a discussion on communications and new media for the Rivers & Trails program which led to a fundamental change in our thinking. She engaged our staff and convinced even the most seasoned staff that our approach needed updating. A follow-up plan was drafted and she helped us with its implementation on a national scale. Today our national leaders still talk about how important and decisive Dorie’s workshop was in redirecting our approach to broadening our constituency.

Robert Reich

former U.S. Labor Secretary

My campaign benefited tremendously from Dorie Clark’s communications acumen, relationships with the press, and instinctual grasp of quick-moving political developments. She is a respected strategic thinker, a proven press liaison, and someone who can drive positive media coverage. I recommend her services highly.

Paul Lonergan

President, Congress Wealth Management LLC

I have enjoyed working with Dorie as our business has grown and expanded over the last number of years. Dorie has helped lead us through strategy development and execution of our plan. The result has been significant to our bottom line and has left us well positioned for the future. We have enjoyed this journey with her and look forward continuing to work together.

Piali De

CEO, Senscio Systems

Dorie worked with our whole team with a sensitive ear to many different perspectives. She did a beautiful job of integrating our ideas and developing a compelling marketing strategy for our product.

Andrea Silbert

President, Eos Foundation

I worked with Dorie for over three years. Her deep understanding of media relations and communications strategy benefited our organization tremendously. She is able to quickly grasp complex ideas and distill them into a compelling and clear message.

Maureen Dalton

Board President, Parents Helping Parents

Working with Dorie on a strategic plan was a breath of fresh air. She understood the uniqueness of our organization and was immediately able to offer concrete solutions to help us move forward. Dorie offers a level of experience, wisdom and work ethic that others don’t match, and all the while, she is a joy to be around. I have never worked with another consultant as knowledgeable and efficient as Dorie, and over the years I have worked with many whom I consider to be good at what they do. I just think that Dorie is exceptional.

Gov. Howard Dean

former Democratic National Committee Chair

Dorie Clark is a top-notch, innovative strategist who understands how media, politics, and business work. She played a major role in our campaign’s media success, taking us from the early days with limited name recognition to quickly winning substantial mainstream coverage and generating online momentum. Dorie is an expert at building brands and advancing policy initiatives.

Christine Sullivan

CEO, Enterprise Center at Salem State University

Dorie Clark is absolutely brilliant. She’s insightful, smart, and collaborative and she adds tremendous value to the strategy and marketing of our organization.

Phillip Djwa

Founder and President, Agentic Digital Media

Dorie has been very helpful in getting me to focus on what’s really important for my kind of marketing, to challenge my thinking around what works and what doesn’t, and to focus the right words to the right audience.

Charles Tracy

Massachusetts Director, National Park Service, Rivers & Trails Program

One of Dorie Clark’s primary strengths in her work as a communications consultant to the National Park Service is that she is an extremely careful listener, which leads naturally, almost inevitably, to recommendations for solutions that really work. She has helped to change the way we do business, changes that continue to have a measurable impact on the national level programs within NPS.

Susan Freedman

former President, Teachers21

Dorie Clark has helped to shape our agenda, communicating a sophisticated and complex issue in ways that are straightforward and powerful. She is a master strategist – quick and efficient – and she has been able to understand the issues we care about and embrace them as a true advocate for our agenda. I continue to engage Dorie in new initiatives and offer my unqualified endorsement of her work.

Kristina Egan

Director, Transportation for Massachusetts

Dorie has helped our coalition use communications to expand our reach and power. Her workshops have simultaneously moved us toward a sophisticated social media strategy while still providing hands-on help to those of us who are still pretty new to these tools. She is an entertaining presenter, full of great examples and ideas, and brings out the best in a group. She follows-up quickly and thoroughly so we can immediately put what’s been learned into action. It’s been a delight to work with her.

Meg Ansara

Former Chief Operating Officer, Stand for Children

Dorie Clark took our media outreach to the next level. She is expert at moving issues forward and leveraging the power of earned media.

Hayden Mora

Former Director of Political Capacity, Service Employees International Union

I have worked with a number of consultants over the years. What distinguished Dorie Clark was the care and thoughtfulness with which she worked to really understand our union, our members and our goals for the project. Dorie was incredibly attentive to our needs as a client – available, detail-oriented and focused. Dorie’s upfront investment in understanding our program and personal commitment enabled her to create high-quality communication pieces that were extremely effective in the field.

Holly Parker

Director of Sustainable Transportation Systems, Yale University

Dorie played an important role in the establishment of the new program I was developing. She did not hesitate to ask hard questions and listen to and interpret complex answers.