The virtual strategy session is ideal for professionals working on a substantial goal (building your brand as a thought leader, writing and marketing a book, taking your coaching or consulting practice to the next level, etc.) who would like to develop a clear action plan for the next 12 months.

You'll start with a 'pre-work' assignment, identifying the top goals and outcomes you'd like from the session. I'll review and analyze your materials and online assets, to understand your business and how your brand is showing up. Then, we’ll work together in an intensive virtual session (roughly 2 1/2 hours), developing a precise, step-by-step action plan for the next year.

I'll share my best insights to help bring you clarity about what to do, when to do it, and how to maximize your efforts to get the best and fastest results. You'll leave with a clear understanding of next steps and where to find the greatest ROI when it comes to your business and brand-building. If you want to move forward effectively and don't want to waste time with trial and error, this is a great option.

Your strategy session includes lifetime membership in my Recognized Expert course and community, which enables you to receive ongoing professional development, as well as support from a cadre of knowledgeable and generous colleagues.

The Virtual Strategy Session costs $8000.

If you think you could benefit from an intensive session where we focus 1-1 on sharpening your brand, enhancing your status as a recognized authority, and taking you to the next level professionally, contact me with questions or to sign up. I look forward to collaborating.

Strategy Session Testimonials

If you value your time and your money, I highly recommend working with Dorie. In just three hours with her, I learned what would've taken me 3 years - and lots of failure - to figure out. I would recommend anyone start their recognized expert journey here.

Founder of Worthmore Strategies (as featured in Fast Company, Forbes, Working Mother and Adweek)

I believe in investing in my business, my brain, and myself. While I've worked with many advisors over the years, my time with Dorie has already given me the greatest ROI. She is thoughtful, strategic and proactive. I left our time together with more actionable steps than I ever expected. I highly recommend working with Dorie any chance you get.

Author, Attorney, National TV commentator

Engaging Dorie Clark to conduct an individual strategy session for my personal brand is one of the smartest business decisions I’ve ever made. With her keen insights and creativity, she quickly identified my brand’s points of difference and provided me with a viable, on-point roadmap to bring that expert platform to life. In five months, I’ve used her guidance to launch a new website, bolster my social media presence, publish ten articles and diligently make progress on my book. Would highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to claim the next-level success they deserve.

Coach, Speaker, and Chief Communications Officer of a $2 billion corporation

I hired Dorie for a virtual strategy session to help me cut through the weeds and develop a year-long action plan. Thank God I did. Dorie provided the big picture view based on her expert knowledge, and then helped me create a roadmap of the exact, specific, detailed steps to take. If you want to cruise the ‘Thought Leaders Autobahn’ at high speeds, hire Dorie!

Speaker, Writer, and Former Thoracic Surgeon

My time with Dorie was extraordinarily helpful, in order to give me the direction that I need to clarify focus in my practice, and execute and scale at a much faster rate. Getting an outside perspective, not only on my business, but on my industry, created an action plan that is unparalleled, even by coaches that niche in my industry. I feel confident that I will get at LEAST a 10x+ ROI on my investment.

Founder and CEO of Artisan Financial Strategies

I had the unique privilege of working with Dorie over a strategy session related to my executive coaching practice. Because I spend everyday coaching others, it was a gratifying experience having someone who I admire and respect so much provide me feedback, insightful observations and a different lens from which to view my work. While Dorie is one of the most prolific speakers and writers out there in business and leadership, she stands apart in my experience from other highly successful experts due to her genuine desire to share everything she knows with the utmost generosity. She also proves that rewards come from doing the work no matter what and despite her well-deserved success, she is the most down-to-earth colleague and friend one could have. I'm grateful to have met and worked with Dorie and will continue to seek her counsel.

Harvard Business Review & Forbes contributor, President, PartnerExec

Working with Dorie gave me insight and confidence to take my coaching practice to the next level. Her guidance and experience helped me understand how to diversify my income, increase my fees, see opportunities for leveraging my expertise and find new outlets and opportunities for growth. Within a year I was able to double my income, land dream clients, and have a clear path for building my platform as a recognized expert.

Consultant to creative entrepreneurs

My virtual strategy session with Dorie was outstanding! Her dynamic style, coupled with her incisive observations and indispensable expertise, allows her to quickly connect and distill your unique value proposition. I walked away from our session with clarity of purpose, a sharpened message and a specific set of actions needed to propel my business forward.

President, Highland Performance Solutions, LLC, Harvard Business Review Ascend contributor

I love working with Dorie Clark. She has tremendous insights and experience in developing brands. Her ability to distill ideas down to their essence and identify clear paths of action is amazing.

Harvard Business Review and Forbes contributor and author, The Hidden Leader

I got more value out of my strategy session with Dorie Clark than I ever anticipated – and I anticipated a lot. With keen insight, broad knowledge base and quick uptake, Dorie is able to assess the current state of your business, its possibility, and importantly identify the steps that will take you from one to the other. She speaks from her heart and her brain simultaneously, and is able to capture the essence of what’s critical for success quickly in a way that kicks you in the butt and inspires at the same time. I’m very grateful for the experience and look forward to more Dorie time in my future!

Author, Speaker, CEO Double Forte

Dorie Clark’s guidance provided me with incredible value in growing my consultancy, which started off as a simple blog in 2014, and has since grown into a robust international practice, with licensed video content (a part of my consultancy pulled right out of Entrepreneurial You). As a result of our ongoing work, I am now starting a number of new initiatives, which will have a major impact on both the growth of my business as well as strengthening existing offerings. And it’s not a ‘one-off’ experience, as Dorie and I continue to follow up on the work we have started, as well as launching new projects. Speaking both personally and professionally, Dorie is an absolute pleasure to work with, and provides advice and counsel that is not the ’tick the box’ direction that we see so often in the crowded and often noisy field of 'self-improvement.'

I would highly recommend it if you get the opportunity to work with Dorie, if you're looking for practical advice and ways to stand out, grow your business, or redefine your brand. I found the strategy session incredibly valuable.

The value I've received from working with her is increased confidence and an increased ability to see the direction of where I'm going. She won't just tell you things [to do]; she'll work in partnership with you…She's a fantastic mentor.

Dorie is an insightful and inspiring coach. I wanted to take my business to the next level and needed a clear process for getting there. In two and a half hours of a virtual strategy session with Dorie, we mapped out a plan that will enable me to execute on the critical pillars of building my business. I'm energized and excited to move forward.

Executive coach and Harvard Business Review and Fast Company contributor

The virtual strategy session I had with Dorie was both exceptionally fun and productive. I left with new ideas for how to move my business forward and a simple, clear plan of action. It was worth every penny and minute of my time.

Executive Coach, Cognitas Coaching and Fast Company contributor

Working with Dorie is a high-point in my life! I like to call her “Dr. Dorie." Her wise counsel is like booster shots full of energy, clarity, strategy, and tactics that provide durable fuel me and my business.

Executive Leadership Coach, Valuable Leadership, LLC

Dorie and I had an in-depth discussion about my business plan that resulted in an action plan that gave me clarity and focus for the first six months of 2020. Having a strong vision and a flexible plan positioned me to successfully launch my book and business in these unprecedented times. Thanks for the insight and support!

Executive coach, author, and former Chief Audit Executive at ADP

Our half-day together was profoundly impactful. Addressing positioning, marketing and selling topics, Dorie led a discussion about what broad strategic directives and specific tangible actions I could take to take to realize my overall goal of becoming a nationally-recognized go-to-market expert in my industry. I left with a clear game plan that I am excited to be pursuing.

President, GTM Hawthorne

The strategy session I had with Dorie was nothing short of game changing. She helped me release some of the ideas and plans I had that were “too small,” challenged me to think bigger, and collaborated with me to generate a new strategy that was way more interesting and of greater service to my clients. I feel confident that she saved me years of trial and error. As an entrepreneur, it is impossible to put a price tag on the value of better ideas, fresh strategies, and saved time. Thank you, Dorie!

Founder & CEO, Bright Arrow

As an entrepreneur, one of the most important but hardest things to do is to ruthlessly prioritize. With her expertise as a branding guru, and her experience building an empire based on authenticity, respect and community, I trust Dorie to cut through the clutter to give concise, actionable advice. My time with her – including the Virtual Strategy Session – has always been time well spent.

Board director, Fast Company contributor, and author of Future Proof

Let’s face it: in building a business, at different points we get stuck. Which way to go next? How to prioritize when EVERYTHING feels important? Where do I start? Start with Dorie Clark. Starting with her Recognized Expert community changed the trajectory of my career. Doing a strategy session with her kept me going on my path!

Author and Keynote Speaker

Spending the morning with Dorie was just what I needed to leverage all my assets into a coherent strategy. She showed up for our session fully up to date on my brand, and ready to roll up her sleeves and get to work on reframing my offerings for maximum impact. Mission accomplished!

Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Bring Your Human to Work and Rituals Roadmap

I’m very grateful for our session, which helped me get clear and focused on short-term goals. Afterward, I booked my yearly revenue goal all in a span of about 3 weeks, and was able to resign from my day job!

Going through a strategy session with Dorie is a dynamic and empowering experience. She takes a deep dive into your business and goals. Then lays out a game plan to hit the road running while tackling those goals head on. Sending huge thanks & gratitude to Dorie for the opportunity.