Private Coaching

The Private Coaching Program is for professionals (often but not exclusively entrepreneurs/solopreneurs) who seek to move their careers and expert reputations forward – quickly and dramatically. The program includes two primary components:

  1. An initial kickoff strategy session, in which we develop a targeted 12-month action plan for you based on your goals, with a particular emphasis on the exact steps and timeframe we'll follow in our coaching engagement. The session can take place virtually or in person, depending on location and availability.

    Clients have focused their coaching engagements around topics such as preparing for a book launch; making a great impression at a new job; finalizing a book proposal for agents/publishers; transitioning from corporate life to entrepreneurship; identifying their unique message; creating and implementing a plan to grow their platform and reach; and creating a structured approach to raising their rates, among other topics.
  2. On a monthly basis for six months, we’ll have a scheduled hour-long call. You’ll have homework assignments, and will be held accountable for your progress in achieving the milestones we lay out. On each call, we’ll debrief, discuss questions or issues that have arisen, and refine your personal action plan to guide you toward success. Of course, I'm available to you in-between sessions for any additional questions or help you need. 

The goal is to move you and your professional objectives forward in a meaningful way in a short period of time.

Your participation in the Private Coaching Program also includes lifetime membership in the Recognized Expert course and community, which enables you to receive ongoing professional development, as well as support from a cadre of knowledgeable and generous colleagues. 

Private Coaching

The Private Coaching Program costs $30,000.

(After our initial work together, if it's a fit, we may mutually decide to extend our engagement into a year-long, ongoing coaching engagement.) 

The Private Coaching Program is a good option for professionals who'd like an accelerated approach to becoming recognized experts. The structured approach keeps you on track and helps you avoid costly mistakes that can waylay your progress. We work together closely to ensure you're moving in the right direction.

Please note that if you're an executive working inside a corporation, more bespoke coaching options – including 360 interviews and working with you and/or your team on-site – may be most useful. We can work together to develop a customized plan; pricing may vary. Learn more here.

Please contact me with questions or to sign up.

Coaching Testimonials

If you’re looking to expand your own thought leadership, and if you have a brand that you care about and you feel your best work is still ahead of you, hire Dorie Clark and she’ll help you take it to the next level – because that’s what she did for us.

Sales and leadership consultant, Forbes contributor, and author of Selling with Noble Purpose

I’m a client of Dorie’s, and she comes with my full recommendation as a coach and a thought partner.

Consultant, Harvard Business Review contributor, and former Vanderbilt University adjunct professor.

I’ve already made back my investment in working with you in the 10 days since we started —due in no small part to your advice and mentoring.

Harvard Business Review and Inc. contributor, Wharton and Columbia instructor, and communication coach

I have worked with Dorie in a private coaching capacity for several years.  She helped me focus my efforts in a crowded and competitive environment, and differentiate myself through my ideas. Since we began working together, I’ve become a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review and have written for other prominent publications, including Inc. and Forbes. I’ve also become a frequent guest on many podcasts. This strategic approach has enabled me to become far more successful in closing business, because clients recognize the value and credibility of this intellectual capital. Dorie has been instrumental in this process and I highly recommend working with her.

Harvard Business Review and Forbes Contributor, and Executive Coach

Dorie Clark has the ability to be powerfully strategic and yet wonderfully tactical. She will help you craft your long-term goals and then she will show you how to get there, step by step. I don't know anyone else who knows how to do it quite like Dorie. Working with her as my executive coach was one of the best business decisions I have made.

Named “One of the 100 Most Creative People in Business" by Fast Company and author of Design the Life You Love

When I met Dorie, I was successful but not as successful as I knew I could be. I was over-dependent on a few clients, relying exclusively on referrals for new business. I’ve worked with Dorie for 4 years, and the changes have been significant. Dorie brought a wider perspective, and specific techniques to achieve the results I’m looking for in my business. She also helped me broaden my results/expectations. Her engagements are not cheap, the results aren’t overnight, but I continue to work with her because the results are undeniable.

Specifically, she has helped me with: 1) Building my brand by gaining clarity about my core offerings. I was all over the map, I can do many things – but had difficulty focusing on my highest and best use of time. Now I’m honed in. 2) Building my community. She helped me understand the need, and how to create a broader network. 3) Building my social proof. She helped me gain social proof and publicize it. I only wish I’d met her sooner.

Harvard Business Review and Forbes contributor, consultant, and participant in Dorie Clark’s Trajectory Mastermind Program

If you're looking for wise and practical counsel on making sure your voice is heard, and that it matches what you are most passionate about saying, look no further than Dorie Clark and the brilliance of her research and experience. having had the priviledge of both her generosity and her endless insights, I can say firsthand that her impact has been amazing.

Harvard Business Review and Forbes Contributor, Author, and Owner/Managing Partner of the consulting firm Navalent

Ron also details our work together in this essay he published on LinkedIn, describing the coaching process as “a journey that would forever change my professional life." He writes that as a result of his work in becoming a recognized expert, “People I’d never imagined reaching are finding my ideas and making good use of them. I’m helping leaders all over the globe whom I could have never imagined connecting with."

As he describes in another article he wrote looking back on two years of our coaching work together, “Professionally, I completed my 75th article for Forbes and Harvard Business Review. I did two TEDx talks, one Authors at Google Talk, and one HBR live. I was a guest on more than 60 podcasts. I worked with some amazing clients who inspired me as we watched their organizations transform."

In that article, Ron goes on to say about our coaching relationship, “I hired a coach two years ago, and we’re beginning our third year of work together. When I look back at all I have learned, I feel giddy. At the end of many of the podcasts I was on, when asked what piece of advice I would offer, I answered with, “Get help.” Honestly, help from others is one of life’s greatest gifts. Why on earth would we EVER want to undertake difficult things alone?"

Dorie is so very smart, pragmatic, savvy, and full of insight that she can help you see just what you need to do to get where you want to go. No platitudes or normative statements about how things ought to be. Just down-to-earth, step-by-step practical guidance with humor and lots of encouragement. She can provide crucial feedback in the most supportive way possible, and provides the necessary nudge of accountability when necessary. Thanks to her valuable advice, I’ve accomplished a number of things I would never have done on my own: given a TEDx talk, become a frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review and Entrepreneur, and am about to start on a book. Plus she’s an awful lot of fun! If you’re looking to expand your platform or advance your professional credibility, I can’t recommend her more highly.

Harvard Business Review and Entrepreneur contributor

I learned about Dorie through reading her first 2 books, Reinventing You and Stand Out. When I read on her website she was accepting clients who were seeking a business coach, I jumped at the opportunity. This has been a transformative experience for me. Dorie has the ability to absorb your life story and where you want to go, and then create a path for you to accomplish your goals. I know working with Dorie has saved me years in getting from where I started, to where I am now in my business. It’s like she sees where you are in the maze, and because she has gone through it before you, she is able to tell you where to turn and what to avoid. What drew me to Dorie besides vast knowledge of business start-ups, was her undeniable integrity. She holds the coaching relationship with you as if she had a fiduciary duty to your dreams.

Consultant and former FBI Hostage Negotiator

Dorie’s advice is focused like a laser while also being pragmatic. Working with Dorie is part coaching, part mentoring, and 100% directed toward my goals. If that weren’t enough, she is relentlessly generous in connecting people to one another for mutual learning and fun. Since working with her, I’ve become a Harvard Business Review contributor and have identified powerful new lines of business. She is utterly unique.

Harvard Business Review and Forbes contributor, consultant/coach, and author of High-Stakes Leadership

Dorie Clark is a creative and influential leader in every sense of the term. She has established herself as a true thought leader and valued partner to leaders who want to deepen their impact. I know this from my personal experience in working with her and from the accolades for Dorie that I regularly hear from others. She is a role model for all and a champion enabler of those who want to bring their best to the world.

Executive coach and author of The Next Level

My business came to a standstill when the pandemic hit. With Dorie as my coach, I tested out a new idea, then quickly created new content, sought out social proof, and made sure my network knew how my business had shifted. Within 8 months, I had completely reinvented myself and reached six-figures through revenue streams that had not existed prior to April 2020.

Keynote, TEDx Speaker, & Relationship-Based Business Strategist