Dorie Clark is frequently interviewed by the national and international news media. Here are several recent video clips.

INSEAD Business School Alumni, France (July 2014)

CreativeLive: 4 Tips for Connecting with Powerful People (June 2014)

CreativeLive: Personal Branding for Creative Professionals with Dorie Clark (June 2014)

EDHEC Business School, France: Reinventing You (May 2014)

HEC Executive Community: Reinventing You (April 2014)

MSNBC: What are Michael Sam’s draft prospects now that he is out as gay? (February 2014)

MSNBC: Why coming out is still complicated in 2014 (February 2014)

MSNBC: How Michael Sam affects the NFL’s brand (February 2014)

MSNBC: The reinvention of Elliot Spitzer & Anthony Weiner’s brands (July 2013)

MSNBC: Why money scandals differ from sex scandals (July 2013)

Forbes – 4 Things You’re Doing Wrong on Social Media – and How to Fix Them (January 2013)

The Pulse Network – Digital Marketing in the Political Arena (September 2012)

Your Vote 2012 – The World Channel (January 2012, aired on 61 PBS stations nationwide)