How To Create A Virtual Internship That Will Change Your Life


Working for free – in the form of unpaid virtual internships with authors Seth Godin, Ramit Sethi, and Tucker Max – kickstarted Charlie Hoehn’s career. His experiences ultimately led to a full-time job working for prominent author Tim Ferriss, and to Hoehn launching his own books, including Recession Proof Graduate. [Read more at Forbes]

Why You Should Work For Free

Photo credit: Steve Wilson via Creative Commons

How would you like to build your network so dramatically over the course of the next year that you become friends with some of the world’s most successful authors and entrepreneurs? That’s what Charlie Hoehn, who started out as an unemployed 20-something, figured out how to do when he graduated into the recession of 2008. His… [Read More]

5 Tips To Help You Raise More Money For Your Favorite Charity In 2014

By: Eli Christman - CC BY 2.0

This post by Mike Ambassador Bruny and Dorie Clark first appeared at Forbes. It’s great to write a check to your favorite charity. But – as in business – it’s even better to find ways to scale your impact. Raising money may sound daunting: How do I get started? Where do I find the time?… [Read More]