How To Create A Virtual Internship That Will Change Your Life

Working for free – in the form of unpaid virtual internships with authors Seth Godin, Ramit Sethi, and Tucker Max – kickstarted Charlie Hoehn’s career. His experiences ultimately led to a full-time job working for prominent author Tim Ferriss, and to Hoehn launching his own books, including Recession Proof Graduate. [Read more at Forbes]

How to Become More Disciplined

An aspiring author friend recently wrote me a plaintive note. “Discipline has been a big topic on my mind lately,” she said. “I’ve seen a pattern recently of starting something and not finishing the project and I’m fearful this is what will become of my book.” There are plenty of people more productive than I… [Read More]

What Great Leadership Looks Like

If you’re lucky, you’ve experienced it yourself: when there’s great leadership, we flourish. “As social animals, we need leaders that make us feel that we’re moving forward, that our efforts have value to a greater cause, and that someone is watching out for us,” says Simon Sinek, author of the new Leaders Eat Last: Why… [Read More]