Why You Should Be Less Responsible at Work

An overstressed friend told me recently that her boss had counseled her to “be less responsible” at work. On the surface, it’s a ridiculous thing for a supervisor to say. Who would want an employee that overlooks details, or who casually wraps up an assignment because “it’s good enough”? But here’s why her boss is… [Read More]

Networking In The Internet Era: An Interview With Keith Ferrazzi

When Keith Ferrazzi’s bestseller Never Eat Alone was published in 2005, LinkedIn was nascent, Facebook was only available to college students, and Twitter didn’t yet exist. Today, they’re essential networking tools – so Ferrazzi has created an updated and expanded version of his book to address networking in the digital era. In some ways, the… [Read More]

How To Become A Power Connector

Anyone who’s read Malcolm Gladwell’s seminal book The Tipping Point has wondered about connectors – how can you get more of them into your life, or even become one, yourself? In her new book How to Be a Power Connector, angel investor Judy Robinett shows the path. “A power connector is someone who can make… [Read More]

Who’s In Your Posse?

In the next few weeks, I’ll be moving to New York City after 17 years in Boston. When you’ve lived (or worked) somewhere for a while, it’s inevitable that you fall into habits. But with the change, I’m forced to think very deliberately about the people in my day-to-day life. Who do I want to… [Read More]

Three Ways to Conquer Your Business Time Wasters

This post by Dorie Clark first appeared at Owner Magazine. In our society, we’re all desperate for more time. How can we possibly answer the stream of emails or complete our to-do lists? Instinctively, we know systems are the answer: that’s how McDonald’s can get you a burger almost instantaneously or race car pit crews… [Read More]

How To Succeed In Sales Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

This post by Dorie Clark first appeared at Forbes. How do you become a top salesperson? Brian Tracy, co-author (with his son Michael Tracy) of the new Unlimited Sales Success, lectures around the world on the subject. Here are the top strategies he shared in a recent interview. Specialize.  “People prefer to deal with people… [Read More]

How To Align Your Life With Your Values

This post by Dorie Clark first appeared at Forbes. Do you constantly feel stressed out? Like there’s not enough time to accomplish everything you need to? Jennifer Tuma-Young has been there. “I was always running and finding ways to fit more and more in, but I was never fulfilled. It was like I was on… [Read More]

Want to Be More Productive? Build Your Editorial Calendar

This article first appeared at Owner Magazine. I used to work in journalism, and I still remember learning about the concept of an “editorial calendar” during my first internship, at Boston magazine. Months in advance, we’d set the agenda: September was always the “Best of Boston” issue, with reams of award winners; other months were designated… [Read More]