How To Create A Virtual Internship That Will Change Your Life

Working for free – in the form of unpaid virtual internships with authors Seth Godin, Ramit Sethi, and Tucker Max – kickstarted Charlie Hoehn’s career. His experiences ultimately led to a full-time job working for prominent author Tim Ferriss, and to Hoehn launching his own books, including Recession Proof Graduate. [Read more at Forbes]

How To Get Noticed – Job Hunting Secrets For Career Changers

Anyone who has been job searching using traditional methods – applying online, submitting resumes, responding to advertisements, etc. – knows you rarely even get an acknowledgment. There’s a reason people joke about a resume black hole. Employers are seeking something that simply doesn’t exist: “perfect” candidates, ideally someone with direct experience in the role they’re… [Read More]

How to Brand a “Useless” Degree

Graduation season is upon us — and that means approximately 700,000 U.S. students will be receiving master’s degrees and another 150,000 or so will be getting their doctorates. For some, the path forward is clear: the math experts will be snapped up by hedge funds, the software engineers will have their pick of start-ups, and… [Read More]

It’s Not a Job Search, It’s a Permanent Campaign

Political campaigns used to be short, frenzied run-ups to an election — after which the winning candidate would turn to the stately task of governing. But over the past few decades, politics and policy began to mingle. Political advisors took White House roles, and polling began to drive decision-making — “The Permanent Campaign,” as journalist… [Read More]