How To Succeed This Year – Even When You’ve Failed Before

Tony Robbins worried his son would be a slacker. “My dad’s greatest fear about who I was as young man, was having a lack of hunger – the hunger and drive for something more than just living,” Jairek Robbins told me in a recent interview. He knew what he should be doing to lead a meaningful and successful life,… [Read More]

Why You Should Be Less Responsible at Work

An overstressed friend told me recently that her boss had counseled her to “be less responsible” at work. On the surface, it’s a ridiculous thing for a supervisor to say. Who would want an employee that overlooks details, or who casually wraps up an assignment because “it’s good enough”? But here’s why her boss is… [Read More]

Maximizing Your Time While Helping Others

The more successful you get as an entrepreneur, the more precious your time becomes. Not only are you trying to run a business and scale it, but you are also trying to have a social life. So, when aspiring entrepreneurs ask for some more of your time to “pick your brain,” you may, unfortunately, need… [Read More]

5 Ways to Get People to Remember You (And Your Company)

After a recent lecture, a young consultant came up to me. “I have a problem,” he said. “People seem to forget me right away. I’ll remember meeting them, but they have no idea we connected before. I think I’m just not memorable enough. What can I do?” Being memorable is essential for every entrepreneur —… [Read More]

How to Become More Disciplined

An aspiring author friend recently wrote me a plaintive note. “Discipline has been a big topic on my mind lately,” she said. “I’ve seen a pattern recently of starting something and not finishing the project and I’m fearful this is what will become of my book.” There are plenty of people more productive than I… [Read More]

Your Weakness May Be Your Competitive Advantage

This post by Dorie Clark first appeared at Harvard Business Review. Midway through the workshop I was teaching on professional reinvention, I gave participants an assignment: create a narrative citing your professional strengths. After the break, a woman named Alison raised her hand. “This one was difficult for me,” she said. “I thought about what… [Read More]

Are You Thinking Big Enough?

With overstuffed inboxes and endless to-do lists, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There’s a temptation to hunker down and focus on the few small tasks right in front of you – but that’s the wrong move, says Brian Reich, author of Shift and Reset: Strategies for Addressing Serious Issues in a Connected Society. Instead, Reich… [Read More]