What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Artists

Photo credit: Alan Levine via Creative Commons

When musician Darden Smith put out his first record in 1986, it was a different world. For one thing, records were so expensive to produce, the sheer fact of having one was significant. And his eight years with Columbia, a major label, was a clear sign of having ‘made it.’ “It was a big deal back then,” he… [Read More]

Why Sending This Email Could Change Your Life In 2015


What if you could get an honest view of how others really see you? In my book Reinventing You, I lay out a three-step process to reinventing yourself professionally. It’s important to create a proactive vision for the future and determine what you want to be known for. And it’s essential to “live out your brand”… [Read More]

The 3 Ways Entrepreneurs Fail at Personal Branding

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We all know personal branding is critical for entrepreneurs. If someone is going to buy from you, they need to understand who you are, what you stand for and the value you bring. But too many entrepreneurs fall short, either ignoring their personal brand (“my work speaks for itself”) or muffing the execution. I’ve spent… [Read More]

Finding Your Breakthrough Idea – Dorie Clark at TEDxBeaconStreet

Photo credit: misspixels via Creative Commons

The talk that is featured in the following video was given by Dorie Clark at TEDxBeaconStreet in January 2015. Featured image photo credit: misspixels via Creative Commons.

Why Tim Cook’s Coming Out Matters for Apple, and Business

Photo credit: Marcin Wichary via Creative Commons

Ellen. Anderson Cooper. Michael Sam. All three broke barriers by coming out in their respective industries – comedy, television news, and football. Now they’re joined by Apple CEO Tim Cook, who just announced that he’s “proud to be gay” and, in the process, became the first Fortune 500 CEO to come out. Earlier this year, two CEOs of… [Read More]

Rebranding Your Company: Is It Time?

Photo by Sean Macentee via Creative Commons

We all know how powerful brands can be. When we choose a product or service, we’re not just looking at price. Instead, it’s about the overall brand promise. It’s the same with your middle market company. You’ve built a relationship with your customers, and your brand means something to them. That can be a valuable… [Read More]

Don’t Want to Be Pigeonholed? Answer These 3 Questions.

By: Omer Unlu - CC BY 2.0

  I recently quoted an entrepreneur in an article I was writing, and linked to one of her many books. Moments after the post went live, I got a panicky email, followed by a phone message. Could I change the link? There wasn’t an error; the book was just off-message from the brand she now hoped to… [Read More]

How to Rebrand Yourself as an Entrepreneur

By: Pablo - CC BY 2.0

All entrepreneurship begins with rebranding. Maybe you’re leaving a corporate job to launch your own business. Or you were a tech entrepreneur and now want to start a retail venture. Or you’re trying to establish yourself as a businessperson after staying home with the kids for a few years. In all of these cases, the… [Read More]

To Stay Afloat, Focus on the Next Wave

By: jonel hanopol - CC BY 2.0

It’s easy to get caught on the treadmill at work, but your success depends on your ability to understand future trends and the big picture. What will your industry look like in five years? What new technologies will emerge? What are the competitive threats that might disrupt you — and how can you get out… [Read More]

Brand you 2014: five personal branding tips for the year ahead

By: bayasaa - CC BY 2.0

This post by Dorie Clark first appeared in The Guardian. Is 2014 going to be the year you get a promotion, or land that job you’ve been dreaming about? If you really want to reinvent your career and make your professional life more fulfilling, it’s time to take decisive action. But how can you can… [Read More]