Position Yourself as an Expert

How do you get to be considered an expert? Most people tend to think of experts as bestselling authors who promote their books and brand on national television, or university professors who have studied their subject for decades.

But there is another kind of expert, someone who hasn’t spent years getting a doctorate or writing a treatise. This person may not be a household name, yet they are well-known and respected within their industry, frequently delivering key notes at conferences and winning plum consulting gigs. Becoming this kind of expert is not only doable–but it is much easier than people think.

Having spent much of my career working in media, either as a journalist or as a communications consultant, I’ve concluded that anyone can brand themselves as an expert by following these five steps.

1.   Develop a relationship with reporters who cover your subject area. The key here is to get to know the people who write about your field. Read your industry trade journals, local business weekly, and the business section of your metro newspaper regularly, and you’ll quickly figure out who those reporters are. Their email addresses often are listed at the end of their stories. Reach out, explain your expertise, briefly, and let them know that if they ever need a source in your industry, you’d be glad to help. Don’t forget to give them your cell number; you want to be easily reachable, especially to reporters on deadline.

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Dorie Clark is CEO of Clark Strategic Communications and the author of Reinventing You. She is a strategy consultant who has worked with clients including Google, the National Park Service, and Yale University. Listen to her podcasts or follow her on Twitter.