Dorie Clark is frequently interviewed in the news media. Below are clips from recent television news appearances.

CTV News Channel: Spicer Resigns as W.H. Press Secretary

CTV News Channel: U.S. Congress Can Punish Russia

CTV News Channel: Trump Announces Revised Cuba Policy

MSNBC Your Business: 5 tips to help you create an awesome personal brand

CTV News Channel: FBI Russia Probe Looks at Kushner

CTV News Channel: House Republicans Pass Healthcare Bill

CTV News Channel: March on 100 Day Milestone

Nasdaq PR Influencers: How to Expand, Manage & Measure Your Digital Footprint

CTV News Channel: Trump Releases Budget Proposal

CTV News Channel: Trump Holds Campaign-Style Rally

CTV News Channel: Paul Ryan Remains U.S. House Speaker

CTV News Channel: Calls for Sanctions Against Russia

CTV News Channel: Trump Says China Should Keep Drone 

CTV News Channel: Angle on America (11/16/16)

CTV News Channel: The Final Push

CTV News Channel: Final Days Leading Up To Election Day

CTV News Channel: Trump Tax Revelations

CTV News Channel: First Presidential Face Off

CTV News Channel: Clinton Opens Up About Health

CTV News Channel: Candidates Set for Town Hall Debate

MSNBC: How to Be a Better Leader and Establish Credibility in Your Industry

CTV (Canada): Donald Trump’s tax revelations  

CTV (Canada): Donald Trump’s difficult week  

CTV (Canada): Republican National Convention analysis 

CTV (Canada): Commander-in-Chief Forum

CTV (Canada): New York presidential primary analysis

CTV (Canada): South Carolina presidential primary analysis

MSNBC: Michael Jordan gets called out over sneaker price

(Dorie Clark Speaks 4:41-5:11)

MSNBC: Amber Rose fights back against slut shaming

(Dorie Clark Speaks 6:09-6:40 and 6:48-7:05)

MSNBC Your Business: 4 signs you may want to rebrand your business

(Dorie Clark Speaks 0:45)

MSNBC All in with Chris Hayes: ESPN reporter’s rant goes viral

(Dorie Clark Speaks 2:09)

MSNBC: Social media’s impact on personal lives

MSNBC: Study surveys black women in the workplace

(Dorie Clark Speaks 4:43 to 5:59)

MSNBC: Trevor Noah’s Twitter storm

(Dorie Clark speaks 5:56 to 7:01)

MSNBC: Tim Cook coming out as the only openly gay Fortune 500 CEO

(Dorie Clark speaks 4:00-4:37 and 8:34-9:20)

MSNBC: What are Michael Sam’s draft prospects now that he is out as gay? 

(Dorie Clark speaks 3:41 to 4:28)

MSNBC: The reinvention of Elliot Spitzer & Anthony Weiner’s brands

(Dorie Clark speaks 5:23 to 5:58)

MSNBC: How Michael Sam affects the NFL’s brand

(Dorie Clark speaks 2:12 to 3:24)

MSNBC: Why money scandals differ from sex scandals

(Dorie Clark speaks 1:12 to 2:02)

MSNBC: Why coming out is still complicated in 2014

(Dorie Clark speaks 6:43 to 7:09)

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