Making The Business Case For Diversity


Can diversity be good for the bottom line? Todd Sears thinks it’s essential. He started his career as a Wall Street investment banker, where, in his first job, he faced a “relatively homophobic boss” and went back into the closet. But in subsequent jobs, where he found a more welcoming atmosphere, he flourished and eventually shifted into private banking with a (then-novel) focus on LGBT clients, helping to open up a lucrative new market for his firm. He ultimately became the head of diversity for Credit Suisse and, in early 2011, launched Out on the Street (now part of the broader rubric Out Leadership), a private consultancy and membership organization focused on advancing LGBT business opportunities and equality. The organization, which focuses on the financial, legal, and insurance sectors, now has nearly 50 member firms and close to 2300 senior executives involved. [Read more at Forbes]