How To Think Big, In Work And Life

How can we break through the limitations we’ve set for ourselves? That’s what Michael Port, author of The Think Big Manifesto, wants to know. “Sometimes we assign the role of ‘Big Thinker’ to some people, but we don’t necessarily see ourselves in that role,” he says. Often, that’s because of “voices of judgment” – either negative peers and colleagues telling you why something will never work, or (even more damaging) your own internalized voice, telling you the same thing.

But in order to truly thrive, he says, we have to let go of our self-imposed limitations… [Read more at]

Dorie Clark is a marketing strategist and professional speaker who teaches at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. Learn more about her book Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future (Harvard Business Review Press), and follow her on Twitter.