Dorie’s Business Travel Checklist

Hitting the open road. Photo by Andreas Feininger.

This week, I’m facilitating an overnight client strategy retreat in Western Massachusetts.  That means I have to pack – so I’m bringing out Dorie’s Business Travel Checklist, which I’ve developed over the past several years of extensive schlepping for work. I hope you fellow road-warriors find it helpful. You won’t need every item for every trip, but it’ll help ensure you don’t forget something crucial (international converter plugs, anyone?).

Dorie Clark’s Business Travel Checklist

  1. If you have a cat…
    1. Change litter
    2. Dry food
    3. Wet food
    4. Clean water
    5. Leave out to-do list for cat-sitter
    6. Ensure thermostat is set to appropriate temperature
  2. Laptop and charger
  3. Backup laptop
  4. Bring any relevant files
  5. Check if cell phone will work where I’m going
  6. Converter plugs if country uses a different type
  7. Phone and charger (including car charger, if I’ll be driving)
  8. Papers with info on flight, hotel, car, tickets to attractions, etc.
  9. Speech notes and topic, if presenting
  10. Extra business cards, if speaking
  11. umbrella
  12. Reading materials
  13. Bring book or newspapers
  14. Kindle/iPad/Nook and charger
  15. Download new audiobooks and sync iPhone
  16. guidebook
  17. sunscreen
  18. baseball hat
  19. if foreign: passport and currency
  20. Check weather report online beforehand (re: clothing)
  21. socks
  22. underwear
  23. bras (for women) or undershirts (for men)
  24. PJs
  25. T-shirts
  26. Dress shirts
  27. Belt
  28. Shorts
  29. Dress pants
  30. Sweaters
  31. Suit
  32. Blazer
  33. Coat/scarf/hat/mittens if needed
  34. Sneaker and gym clothes (if there will be a chance to work out)
  35. Bathing suit (if there is a pool/hot tub)
  36. Toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss (under 3 oz)
  37. Deodorant (smaller than 3 oz)
  38. Extra contacts, contact case, glasses, lens solution (under 3 oz)
  39. Purell (under 3 oz)
  40. Moisturizer (under 3 oz)
  41. Nail clipper, tweezers
  42. Concealer
  43. Hairbrush
  44. Lint remover
  45. Feminine supplies, if needed (for women)
  46. Dramamine, if needed
  47. Tylenol/Advil
  48. Any prescription medicines
  49. Pre-print boarding pass (or check in electronically) if possible
  50. Change sheets for house-sitter
  51. Do dishes and remove from dishwasher for housesitter
  52. Email clients contact info if I will be out of range
  53. Pay any bills that are due
  54. Remove trash for house-sitter
  55. Lunch and/or dinner (if there will be a long flight)
  56. Clif Bars for snacks
  57. Various types of shoes, if needed (dress shoes, sneakers, etc.)
  58. Holiday gifts, if relevant
  59. Leave check for catsitter
  60. Travel reading light
  61. Eye cover (if I need to sleep on flight)
  62. International Drivers License (if international and I will be driving)

What does your travel checklist look like? What have I left off?

Dorie Clark is a marketing strategist who teaches at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. She is the author of Reinventing YouStand Out, and the e-book Stand Out Networking. You can download her free Stand Out Self-Assessment Workbook.